Sightseeing in the area

Sightseeing in the area


Zomer Parkfeesten Venlo: van 17 t/m 20 aug.   ENTREE free.  (  zie links  ) 

Arcen sfeer markten:  19 juli, 26 juli, 2 aug., 9 aug., 16 aug., 23 aug. ( zie links )

Evenementen De Rozenhof Lottum:( zie links )


Venlo has a very nice city center with a new redesigned Maas boulevard including many terraces, restaurants and shops.

There is a large indoor shopping center with supermarkets (ca 1.5 km)

The weekly market is on Saturday morning and on Friday afternoon / evening in the nearby Blerick.

Various walking and cycling (see left).

The campground is adjacent to the protected nature reserve area “Zwarte Water” which is connected to “Ravenvennen” and “De Hamert”.

The bike paths can also combined with the “Maashopper”.

Some trips in the area

Limburgs museum
Mission Museum and Jochumhof, both in Tegelen / Steyl
Trout Pond in Blerick / Boekend
Arcen Thermal
Castle Gardens Arcen
Increase golf courses

For children

Toverland, Sevenum
Strawberry Land, Horst
Ballorig, indoor playground Venlo

IRRLAND, amusement park for the whole family (22 km)

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