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Campsite "De Boswesels"


We welcome you on the website of to our Camper Parking  "De Boswesels."

Our campground is located in Venlo (South-East of the Netherland) close to the border with Germany. Our passion are campers already for a long time. We started in 2005 with a successful motor home rental company. Recently we have expanded our activities. For that reason we can offer you now also a very nice spacious camper overnight accommodation in Venlo. We are the only official motor home overnight accommodation in this area. This accommodation has all required facilities for a comfortable stay, including free WIFI.

“De Boswesels “ is very well located close to a protected nature reserve with several hiking trails and a small lake.

The camper parking is located at the main road Venlo - Straelen (Germany) and 150 meters from junction 41 at the A67 / E34 Eindhoven - Duisburg A40 / E34.